Outside my office window there is a wall mural that has been there for 23 years. I vaguely remember when it was originally painted.. before the office window was MY office window. This afternoon I took a picture of a section of it..

The artist is repainting it for obvious reasons. I’m seriously amazed by her dedication. This will be her third time painting this mural.. she is currently on re-do number 2. The mural measures 11X60.. but, she works alone, up and down on that scaffolding all day. Today she began working at 7:30am and finished at 5pm. The temperature peaked at 93 degrees. Not just any artist would tackle such a job…3 times. Time and effort… and attention to detail. With both re-dos she has added more…changing it ever so slightly…increasing interest. She’s currently on week 3 and I cringe, as she is not even half finished.

Her dedication makes me think about the way I work on my little projects…the way others work on theirs. I wonder what could be if I, if everyone, “invested” in their work…giving it what it deserves.. You know, less quantity..more quality. Can you imagine?



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4 responses to “Dedication

  1. Joan

    What a lovely essay! Thanks for sharing it. You made my day.

  2. What a beautiful mural and to think this is her second redo! I bet it’s interesting to see how far she gets every day! I tend to get to the hurry up and get it done stage way too much! Maybe I need to think of this post and take my time a little more!

  3. *When I wrote this I had just read a few posts about “super bloggers” and how people where killing themselves with projects for the sake of the blog instead of enjoying the whole process.. and then I looked out and saw this lovely lady enjoying her work, just taking it slow and steady. It’s so true.. the hobby is suppose to be about enjoyment.. not a blog. I’m trying to focus on that. 20 years from now my daughter will have some of the projects I’ve completed.. she won’t care a bit about how many people hit my blog in a day or how many comments were left. It’s all gotten a little out of wack.*

  4. Pretty amazing. I’m left pretty much speechless…

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