With A Day To Spare

Teacher’s gifts are now complete! I finished them last night… Now, I just have to run out and buy some gift bags to put my bags in.. something seems a little weird about that..buying gift bags to put my bags that are gifts in.. Whatever.

Here is bag number one.. The “Because no one should carry a bag with an apple on it” bag..


Hot stuff, don’t you think? Too much for a teacher’s tote? Maybe, but I love it so much! When I bought the two Amy Butler fabrics way-back-when I knew something great would come from them.. I just didn’t know what at the time. Once I got the first bag done I couldn’t help but make another.


This one doesn’t exactly match the crochet clutch that I made but Goose’s teacher really needs a bag for her yarn. Right? I mean, Zebra print screams “yarn bag” in my mind!

So there you have it: Two bags, one crochet clutch, and 3rd grade is a wrap. Summer Break can’t get here fast enough!! Tomorrow is it for Goose! And then it’s fun in the sun!



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6 responses to “With A Day To Spare

  1. I am totally impressed! I got kinda lucky – a bunch of families went in together on gifts for the teachers so I didn’t have to put too much thought into it….and it got done. 🙂

  2. Thanks. I bought the AB fabric from you decades ago and was just waiting for the right project.. this was it. Both bags might be a bit much for “teacher” stuff but I figure they can use it for other “toting” if they choose. Putting it off till the last moment was not my best choice.. I don’t know why I do that to myself. My mother can’t figure out why I choose to *make*gifts at all. … she’s not a sewer… ‘nough said. Thanks for stopping in girl!

  3. Love the bags! Some how FB found you and suggested you as a friend to me. I sent a message telling you my grandmother was a Farmer…but I neglected to tell it was me messaging you…that is if the request made it through. I sure was surprised to see your face pop up…this world is smaller because of the internet.


  4. Thanks! I really need to make a smaller version for myself. I’m loving the zebra print.

    I’m sorry I didn’t reply on FB.. I’m not really a contender over there. I set it up to reach a specific friend from years ago.. now my daughter is using it to look at pictures of her friends.. that’s why it looks as though I have “friends”.. they’re mostly the parents of her friends. 🙂 I’m desperately trying to hang on to this blog..so I’m staying away from FB (besides keeping an eye on Goose).. if I get involved there you could guarantee it would be the end of this. I really don’t want that. So, I’m no ‘facebooker’ :)… but thanks for wanting to be my friend!

  5. They are both super cute! I think I like the first one best though! Love your name to the bag “Because no one should carry a bag with an apple on it bag”. Son #2 and his girlfriend are teachers. I think Julie would love the tote bag! I am sure the teachers loved it!

  6. I’m not a fashion bug by any means.. but I truly believe the “apple” phase needs to move out. It was cute for a year or two.. but now, not so cute. Teachers are way too cool for that these days. Goose said her teachers squealed when they opened their gifts.. so I guess the zebra print wasn’t too much. I worried a bit about it. Teacher gifts are tough.. you just never know.

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