Teacher Love

With just days until Summer break, I’ve been giving a great deal of thought as to what to give Goose’s teachers as our end-of-the-year gift. Goose has had such a fantastic year. So, I’d really like to give them something special as a token of my appreciation. As you know, this is a hard gift to give. I don’t know these women on a personal level.. However, Goose has informed me that one of these special women loves to crochet (a woman after my own heart). So, after passing this idea past Goose, we decided to go with a crochet clutch.

It was so easy to make and I’m please with the outcome. I like the clutch so much I’d love to find some time to make myself one.
And for the teacher’s assistant? Goose decided that she could use  a fancy book bag… “because she’s always toting things around and right now her “toting bag” has an apple on it.”
She’s right, you know? Teacher can be into fashion too. 🙂 So, teacher number two will get a new bag. I’ll post that when I actually get it done.

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One response to “Teacher Love

  1. I love the fabric with the aqua bias tape and the cute little crocheted flower! I want one! I don’t even crochet, but I do have hooks! I use them for turning in my sewing projects. I am sure the teacher will love it!

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