Dream File

My friend found these in her attic..

They were her mothers. When she pulled them out of her bag I gasped. Just the sight of them opened my memory gate. My granny used to have these Coats & Clark’s Booklets laying all around her house. As a young 10 year old I remember flipping through them and wishing that I had the know-how to make such sweet little projects.

Looking back now I smile even more, because it’s now dawned on me that my granny may have had these books all around but only knew a few crochet stitches.. and she knew absolutely nothing about knitting. She probably only dreamed of making these projects too. We are much the same, my granny and I. Today if you were to snoop around my home you would find tons of projects printed and tucked away in my ‘dream’ file. I wish I still had my granny to share these things with..or even that she could have had the opportunity to poke around blog land as I do today. She would have been crazy about YouTube crochet videos. I specifically remember her being excited to go to work so that one of her friends could show her a new stitch on her lunch hour. 🙂 YouTube would have amazed her, and who knows, with technology at her fingertips her dream file might have become the real deal.


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  1. Amazing how just seeing the old booklets flooded your memories! I am glad you have such good memories of your Granny! I have wondered what my grandparents would have thought of the internet and YouTube too. It really is mind boggling!

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