There, I’ve said it…

A short time ago, when I was fighting with stretchy material, I had someone to leave me a comment that’s stuck with me.

The comment: “hi have you tried a walking foot it usually works with stretchy fabrics hope this helps keep calm and carry on lol”

Just a simple little comment.. and boy, have I been thinking about it.

My reply: Hey Nicole, Thanks for your suggestion. I hadn’t considered a walking foot. Your choice is so interesting to me. It’s inspiring.. It reminds me that I don’t have to do it the same way that everyone else does. Break the rules and get the job done.. I love that! Sorry if I got a little deep on you.. but you got me thinking about the ‘process’ and that’s my favorite part!!! Thanks so much!

It’s true.. who says I have to do it like everyone else? Who says? I’ve tried to force myself to read, and follow, instructions.. but it’s not as fun and going my own way. So, yes, I do break the rules..sometimes I chop ’em up into tiny little pieces :).. But most of the time I never tell you because I know it’s not the ‘right’ way to do it…I worry someone might read it and say, “That’s wrong, she doesn’t know what she’s doing.”  Well, let me just say, they’d be right. I have no idea what I’m doing half the time.. but I keep going until I achieve the outcome I’m looking for. I only follow the instructions as a last resort. Sure, there are times when a project takes me longer than if I’d read the instructions.. Shoot, there are times when the whole thing becomes classified as a failure.. but something else, there are those special times when my project becomes something different than I had expected.. something better.. something that’s all mine.. and that’s when I LOVE doing this… when I’m breaking the rules, going my own way, and getting the job done.

My way may not be the ‘right’ way but it’s my way and I feel really good about that. There, I’ve said it.

I encourage you.. if you’d like to make something but feel as though you’re not capable.. that you don’t know the ends and outs of sewing well enough… Who cares? Go for it! It’s worth it. And just know, you’re going to have so much fun!



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5 responses to “There, I’ve said it…

  1. Sometimes you end up doing it better, or easier than the instructions call for! Did you have some sewing labels made? They are really cute!

  2. *easier way..harder way.. either way, it’s more fun when it’s MY way 🙂 Nope, labels are from long ago..You know how it is.. I needed a picture to complete the post. Are you drying out? It’s still just so unbelievable the damage that storm did. *

  3. You are just too funny. I have to agree with you about following instructions on patterns. I rarely do it just like I’m “supposed to”.

    Do drop in!


  4. Hello Goosie Girl and Happy Mother’s Day.
    I followed this link to find you.

    I am Goosegirl and I sew too. I just thought I would pop in and Hi. Nice to meet you. I am going to check out your fun tutorials.
    And I totally agree with you. If I am using a new pattern, sometimes I try to stick to the original instructions. But mostly, I do what works for me. And that is ok. Completion is more important than doing it “right”. You make beautiful things.

  5. *Hi Goose girl!! Great name :). It’s nice to meet you too! I can tell already that we must have tons in common. I can’t wait to browse through your blog and see that fun that you’ve been having. I’ll be sure to drop you a note. I look forward to a new friendship with you and sharing thoughts on our fun little sewing projects. Talk to you soon! – Renee *

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