Stretch Stitch

Every gym girl needs a drawer full of leotards, right? Can you believe this is my 5th leo in the last 4 months? I’m a crazed woman. And can you believe, after 5 leos, I still have not mastered the art of making one? Each one has presented me with a new problem… but with tremendous help from Renae at Creative Chicks on my last post, I am close to reaching my goal – store bought quality!
And, I liked to mention that someone suggested a walking foot. Interesting thought and one I never considered. Don’t you just love the way people improvise to get the job done?

But the key to my issue is in the stitch. If you remember back, I was pleased with my side-seam stitches and this was because I was using the zig-zag stretch stitch on my machine… but I didn’t want zig zag around the neck and sleeve areas.. so I reverted back to a normal straight stitch and tried to fix my mistakes by adjusting the tension. Bad move on my part. What I really needed to do was to use my straight stretch stitch (thank you Renae! I heart you!!). Why had this not dawned on me? I’ll tell ya, once I found the zig-zag stretch stitch I threw down my machine’s manual and never looked back. I had no idea I had a straight stretch stitch too. (note to self – ready your manual front to back).

With my newly found stitch I was able to do this..

good seams

new leo

So close to my goal.. below is the only area I flubbed…


Not bad.

Maybe I should make one more though…
just to see if I can make it perfect. :)…

A Secret: I already have the material for two more. ;0 I told you… I’m a crazed woman.



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4 responses to “Stretch Stitch

  1. Really cute style!
    Glad we could figure it out long distance. Have a great week!

  2. Cute leotard, love the colors! Just think, Goose will grow and you will be able to make more!!

  3. Wow! I think it looks pretty terrific. I’ve never tried to sew on anything stretchy. I’m not so sure I’ll ever try it. I’m so glad you’re working through all the problems.


  4. *Thanks! You should try it… it’s really not as hard as ‘they’ say (the woman at the fabric store had me scared to death). If not for Leotards than for swimsuits.. the options are a great plus.. sometimes it’s hard to find a nice suit that covers everything that needs to be covered.. Even with all my tension issues and stitch choices all of my previous leotards weren’t so badly constructed that she couldn’t wear them. It’s fun – go for it! Thanks for stopping by!*

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