A Walk on My Side

Because I’ve been talking a little about seedlings and such, I thought I’d show you around my flower beds. There’s not a lot to see really but it’s Spring and I’ve got the gardening itch.  I’ve always been a fan of country gardens..which is just as well because my house has a very country feel to it..wrap around porch with rocking chairs, a wooden swing, hound dog..you know the look. So I’ve attempted one. I like it a little on the spares side though. If it’s too full that hound dog I mentioned will trample right through. Try as I may, I can not break her from her walking trail. Can you see it?

hound dog trail

This is the biggest bed I have.

country garden

It gets the morning sun which is good for drying the foliage of my roses. Moldy leaves are a real bummer. It also misses the hot afternoon sun.. so, it does pretty good with whatever I stick in there.

And last but not least my trees. I love them in the Spring. This is my weeping cherry.

weeping cherry

And this tree, I’m not sure what it’s call (please tell me if you know) but I love her with her hot pink buds. (You can click on the pic to see it larger)

hot pink tree


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