dwarf sunflowers

I’ve been checking these little babies twice a day since shoving them in the soil. It’s kind of like the old saying.. ‘A watched pot never boils’.. The packet said these dwarf sunflowers needed two weeks to germinate.. but I had to check ’em anyway. Finally, a few have stuck their heads up to say hello and I’m so tickled by them.


And these are Chamomile. I’ve heard they’re nice in a cup of hot tea. I’ll have to try it once they bloom. Of course they’ll have to be thoroughly washed (and maybe bleached) as I’m sure our dog Drake will be peeing all over them. As for their growth, they’ll need to be thinned out a bit in a few weeks.. But I’m hoping for a nice country look for my porch.



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2 responses to “Sprouting

  1. Yeah you have sprouts!!! Your on your way to a beautiful front porch! I check mine everyday too! It was so exciting to see the sprouts!

  2. *It kind of cracks me up that tiny little green sprouts can put such a smile on my face. Being a DIYer is so much fun.*

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