I received a nice little email from Patricia a short time back asking me a question about my MaryJane’s shoe pattern for babies. Of course I was thrilled to exchange a little chat.. sewing talk makes for the best talk (at least in my book).. And then to my surprise, she sent me these pictures…

Are they not the sweetest little shoes you’ve ever seen? I love her fabric choices & the bows…it all say “dainty” to me.. which is what I’m sure Patricia’s new grand baby is sure to be! I tend to choose “cute”.. So it’s refreshing to see someone go in a different direction. I think I like dainty better than cute, don’t you?

Thank you Patricia for using my pattern, for asking your question, and especially for sending my these lovely little pictures!



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3 responses to “Sharing

  1. Patricia

    Thank you for the kindness…
    Busy Hands…Happy Hearts

  2. Wow I am impressed! A tutorial in pdf format! I need to learn how to do that! The MaryJanes are adorable. I love the pink and brown polka dots!

  3. *Thanks for compliment on my little shoes.. those little MaryJane’s are the #1 hit on my blog. Who knew so many babies needed shoes? Anywho, I’ve just posted a how-to surprise for you! Go see.*

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