What’s Up

Awwh! Sorry I’ve been absent.. I’ve been learning new software at work..It’s forced me to use parts of my brain that haven’t moved in quite some time..and as a result I haven’t felt like doing much once I get home. But as luck has it I do have a little something I finished just the day before “training” began.

ripple blanket

I’d been working on this crochet blanket for a while. It’s what I picked up when I only had a few minutes here or there.. my backup craft, if you will. I was going to talk about my beginnings back in January but, I’ve had some “memory” problems with my brand new computer (there still not fixed) and the picture is sitting in a nice little folder that I can not access. So I skipped my beginnings. This is Attic 24’s ripple blanket. Her pattern is so easy that even I could stick with it.. from start to finish.. her pattern.. no winging it on this one! I chose my colors based on Goose’s bedspread.

choosing colors

And I’m happy to say that she’s already wrapped herself up in it and sleeps there most nights.

I hope to be back in this space on a more regular basis some time soon. Hopefully it won’t be too long. Until then, happy crafting!



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3 responses to “What’s Up

  1. Wow, something a young daughter would actually use! Delight in this, it doesn’t happen often. Until they become older and much wiser! Beautiful colors, matches her bedspread perfectly!
    I can sympathize with the new software program deal! Been there, done that, will do that again and not looking forward to it!!! It really “strains” the brain!!!LOL:) Hopefully, you will get the hang of it soon!

  2. Love it!

    I’m into color!


  3. Steph Lane

    That blanket is awesome! You amaze me woman!

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