What I’ve Learned About Applique Quilting in the Last 12 Months or so

(I promise this is the last time I’m going to talk about this quilt!)

1. If you’re not good with picking out fabrics that coordinate, buy a couple of fabric cakes from Moda. This will eliminate the time you’ll spend agonizing over: “does it go? or does it not go?”


2. Before you cut any of your applique pieces… starch it..and then starch it again. I can not tell you how this helps. With just a simple pinch you’ll be able to see exactly where the fabric should fold under.

3. It doesn’t hurt to lightly outline your pieces on your block with a quilters pencil. In fact, I highly suggest it. Do it as you go so that you don’t cover up any markings with one of your layers. If you don’t have a quilters pencil, get one. If the store is closed and you must work on your block NOW (I understand the urge) lightly use a pencil. Everything flowerswill end up where you want it if you do this – I promise.

4. Use a long, thin needle. It goes through heavily starched fabric much better than thicker needles.
5. When making points on your pieces..such as stars.. cut the fabric so that it lays as a point and then make the last stitch of each point at the very tip before trying to turn the edge. Your points will turn to curves if you don’t.


6. Once you get your groove on.. keep going. I found that if I put it down for more than a few days I forgot what I had learned.

7. If you have a block that stands out and looks totally hideous… There’s no harm in doing it again. In the end you’ll be glad you did.
8. Don’t forget your quilt label with all the important info..

9. I also learned.. Applique looks complicated with all the overlapping and pretty images.. but it’s not. Even if one block is less than perfect you don’t notice when it’s all put together.


So go ahead, give it a try. You can do this!!! And through the process you just might find yourself a new passion.

Again, I give huge, huge thanks to Anne at Bunny Hill Designs for introducing me to this lovely craft!!



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5 responses to “What I’ve Learned About Applique Quilting in the Last 12 Months or so

  1. minivanlife

    That applique looks lovely! Thanks for all the tips.

  2. Inspiring and sound advice. I especially love #1. I’m always froggy to by Moda anything…and cake made of fabric is just about the only cake I’m allowed to have these days. šŸ™‚

    oxo Judy

  3. *He-he! You’re such a funny girl! Get your cake where you can, I say!*

  4. Mmmm, I cheated and ate a Red Lobster biscuit today. It felt positively wicked to eat it, but it tasted so good. I’m the proud loser of 19 pounds as of this morning! Eeeehaaa. I would rather be back to my running weight than eat cake any day. You just have a piece for me. šŸ™‚ oxo Judy

  5. *:) I’m safe with cake… not a weakness.. actually I don’t care for real cake (yet another of my weird personality traits).. I’ll take Moda’s cake over the real stuff any day! But don’t set a choc. chip cookie in front of me or I’ll bite your hand off.*

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