Quilting Labels

I put so much work into this quilt that I really didn’t want to slap a less-than-pretty label on the back of it. Now, don’t get me wrong.. the label is very important. VERY. But I got to thinking and it lead me to the question, why can’t my label be pretty?.. You know, a continuation of the quilt..instead of an after thought?

quilt label

So, that’s what I did… It’s an afterthought, obviously, because the quilt was finished.. but with a little care, I stitched this flower, with all the important info, right to the back panel.

Quilt back before:

quilt back unfinished

Quilt back now:

quilt back finished




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5 responses to “Quilting Labels

  1. Jessica

    I love this quilt!! Green is my favorite color, and I think this is probably one of my favorite quilts I have seen!!

  2. *Thanks.. now that’s it completely finished, I think I like the back just as much as the front…which is funny because the back took far less time than the front. 🙂 *

  3. You’ve made a treasure. The label is icing on the cake. You should be pleased as punch!

    oxo Judy

  4. *I am happy with it… for my first go-round with applique I think it turned out pretty well. I think I’m most excited by the fact that it’s done… a year is a long time to work on one project. I’m much more suited for “quick” crafting. 🙂 *

  5. Love the quilt label! It is definitely better! Great thinking there! I love the back just as much as the front too!

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