Family Talk – What Goes Around Comes Around

They say you reap what you sew..and as a parent, you get back tenfold for what you did as a kid.. I’ve been rolling this around in my head the last  couple days.. What if you and your spouse are complete opposites?.. Because you know, opposites attract, right? Suppose one parent took school work seriously, not nerdy seriously..never nerdy seriously :).. but, As & Bs seriously.. and the other parent was more concerned with, let’s say, shooting birds out of trees and bottle rocket fights.. Then what? Should the parents get back only fivefold? Or maybe it becomes a ‘luck of the draw’ type of thing?

You see, we’re overwhelmed with homework..not because Goose’s teacher gives too much but, because our child is more concerned with.. Well, I’m not sure what she’s more concerned with.. she won’t say.. She just gives me a line of, “I’m slow Mommy..and I just don’t have time to finish all this in class”…

Her teacher used to make her stay in at recess to complete the things she didn’t get done.. but I think now even she is tired of fooling with this nonsense. So the work comes home.. Maybe her teacher is hoping we’ll give her an ear full for her lack of effort… Oh how Goose has received several ears much so that I think it’s starting to come out her nose. And, there’s not much to take away from her.. she already spends most of her free-time doing homework..

So…What to do? What to do? Hmmm. I’m at a loss.. this whole ‘stare into space, not caring much at all’ attitude is foreign to me. Remember, I was the nerd..

I’m thinking about calling in “The Sub“..that’s Hubby. This is extreme! Goose always breaks down and cries and I have a hard time keeping my nose out of their business… but, you know, he was the one worried about birds and bottle rockets.. It’s tenfold..right? Or maybe just fivefold?? Or was it the luck of the draw???

Again, just rolling this around in my head.



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5 responses to “Family Talk – What Goes Around Comes Around

  1. We took a Love and Logic Class through our church and they have great one-liners, like
    “It’s okay if you have to repeat this grade again, I will love having you home one more year” This tends to work better with teenagers that are ready to be out the door. Here’s is a link for a webinar that Love and Logic is having titled “I Hate School”,
    I don’t know if it would help any, but we really got a ton our of the class when we took it.

  2. It’s the luck of the draw! You need to have more to see what you get next time:)
    Son #2 was a little like this, always more interested in what was going on around him than attacking his homework. It didn’t matter if I turned off the tv and had him sitting at the kitchen counter while I was making dinner. He would talk about the way I was cutting the potatoes for dinner….so easily distracted! He grew out of this about 5th grade, when he couldn’t watch any tv until his homework was done. Ironically, he has his Master’s in Education! I never would have imagined that and would have thought someone was crazy if they told me that would happen!! Funny the way things work out!!

  3. *Too old for more kids.. & not enough patience :). I hope Goose turns around soon. Last night it took her 3 hours just to write out her multiplication tables three times. It only takes her ten minutes to answer them but 3 hour for the easy stuff. It kills me!! She already has her future planned out… she wants to be a pet groomer… the reason???? because she won’t have to go to school for that. 🙂 Lord help me!*

  4. Is it possible the problem is not so much not caring, but maybe she’s overwhelmed, also. Academics is not easy for everyone. It certainly wasn’t for me. If she is really wasting time staring off into space, she could have a focusing problem…I definitely did. Or she may be bored stiff and under-challenged. Staying on task was hard for me and even harder if someone was breathing down my neck. Sometimes we have to look at behaviors as being the result of the root problem. Just my thoughts…and they are general since I don’t know your Goosie Girl.

    oxo Judy

  5. *Thanks for your thoughts… My little Goosie Girl is an average student..meaning she makes good grades but has to put some effort into it. Her problem is that she’s lazy. If I didn’t insist on “effort” I think she’d probably be just fine with failing. Homework completion is a challenge..but so is any chores that she’s responsible for.. We’ve tried punishment for laziness… we’ve tried reward for achievement… neither really seem to make that much of a difference. She’s her own person..this is for sure. *

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