Nothing Blue

Mr & Mrs

Our little story goes something like this…. We shared a friend named Jerry who should have been the founder of Eharmony… His favorite hobby was setting people up… I think he was responsible for 6 different marriages. Jerry was the UPS man for both of our places of work and after a little persuasion he succeeded in our set-up… After 2 years of dating and 2 years of engagement.. we finally bought a house and then eloped on Friday, February 6, 1998.  Of course this is just the outline… but the story sticks pretty close to that. So, to celebrate this memoriable occasion I decided to cook.. because food is always good. I made a version of

The Pioneer Woman’s Stuffed Mushrooms, Yummy!


Her White Chicken Enchiladas, to die for!

white chicken enchiladas

And this Red Velvet Cake from Lick The Bowl Good, so moist that I thought it was almost too moist, if that’s possible.


It was all very, very tasty and really such an enjoyable way to celebrate the day…just sticking close to home and being domestic.


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  1. Looks like a wonderful way to celebrate your anniversary! I love Pioneer Woman’s recipes. I haven’t tried either of these, I will put them on my long list of recipes to try! They look delicious!!! Cute card, and what a neat way to have met – the UPS man set us up! Love it!

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