Do You Applique?

Why, yes..yes I do!


finished back

I’d like to thank Anne at Bunny Hill Designs for her inspiration and allowing me to join her group of quilting friends.. all the terrific ladies in the A Tisket A Tasket Block of the Month  flickr group for their kind words of encouragement.. and my bloggy friends for cheering me on all these months! This is my very first applique quilt and I’m tickled to death with it! I feel as though I’ve just completed a marathon..minus the sweat of course. I’m so in love with this sweet little thing. All the fabrics except for the cream base are from my scraps or stash pile! I can’t tell you how I’ve agonize over my choices..will they all come together or will they look like mush in the end? Personally, I couldn’t be more thrilled with the way it turned out! Usually, I point out my mistakes.. not for sympathy.. but in hopes that someone might read this and NOT make the same mistake… but I’m not going to do that here. I know where the mistakes are.. but there’s no reason to ruin my gloating moment. I’ve learned a lot and I plan on sharing that in a day or two..but for now I’m going to whistle my happy tune.. and the next time someone asks me if I applique (because I get that question so often :)) I can say, “Why, yes.. Yes, I do!



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4 responses to “Do You Applique?

  1. That is so much fun, I love the colors. You did a great job, I wish I had time for something like that. Maybe next fall when my little people are a little bit bigger and not so needy.

  2. *I’m totally thrilled to have this little baby complete! She was a lot of fun to make. The key to big jobs is to take them slow and not to be sidetracked by other crafty projects.. This quilt took me one year and one month to make… and a lot of the applique was done while helping with homework… She is totally worth all my effort!*

  3. Fantastic job! I admire your patience and determination, not to mention your great color choices! I think you won in the Flicker group! You should be proud! Now maybe you should do a giveaway for it! LOL!

  4. *It really didn’t take that long.. just a little here and there a couple days each month. I enjoyed it all but for the actual quilting. I wanted to do something cool but still very neat (I have this need for everything to be even and pretty).. I couldn’t decide how to do it.. so I just went with straight lines… BORING :). & You’re sweet to have said mine was flickr’s best.. so not true, but thank you!… No giveaways though… this was my first applique and I’m hangin on to it. :)*

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