My Thoughts on Chicken Spaghetti

chicken spaghetti

So, I spent the weekend just puttering around..not doing too much of anything…just the typical. I did find time to make the Pioneer Woman’s very delicious Chicken Spaghetti. This is something my granny use to make when I lived in Arkansas as a budding adolescent. I haven’t had it in, oh, five years or so.. 🙂 Truthfully, in all this time, I haven’t given chicken spaghetti a cravings at all.. that is until my Honey came home from a recent duck hunting trip to Stuttgart, AR. It had been a treat for him while he was there and said Arkansans considered it to be a staple in their diet. Hmm, I didn’t know that??? So I figured, being an ex-Arkansan you know, I’d better get busy and make it. I wish I had had my Granny’s recipe.. but because it is a very guarded family recipe (she ripped it out of the local paper) I wasn’t fortunate enough.. so I turned to the new Goddess of Cooking for help. The Pioneer Woman’s recipe isn’t exactly like my granny’s but it is still very good and super easy to make. And it makes enough to feed an army (she has a lot of kids, you know?). Not only did we eat it twice, but I froze enough for another meal and gave some to my parents (I only have one kiddo and she has a difficult time sitting still long enough to eat much of anything). We’ll have it again, that’s for sure.. and not just the leftovers. I guess there might be just a bit of Arkansas left in me after all :). Hmm, who knew?


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5 responses to “My Thoughts on Chicken Spaghetti

  1. Well we love Pioneer Woman’s recipe for Chicken Spaghetti! I may prefer your granny’s if you happen to find it. Did you use the duck in the recipe? No luck on son #2’s duck hunting adventure, but we are using his turkey meat for Jambalaya!

  2. To the best of my memory, my granny used chopped tomato and peas instead of pimento and bell pepper.. either way it’s very good. Hubby’s trip was a big success and my freezer has plenty of duck in it but, I don’t eat wild game… not that there’s anything wrong with it.. I just can’t get past the body there in front of me and that it will soon be the meat I’m gonna put in my mouth. Blah! I’m a sissy!!

  3. My thoughts on Chicken Spaghetti are terribly painful…my doctor recently put me on a low fat, low cholesterol diet. Chicken spaghetti is not on it! When I saw the picture you posted my mouth watered. It looks absolutely delicious!


  4. *I can’t image why chicken spaghetti wouldn’t fall into a low fat, low cholesterol diet??? That sounds a crazy to me :). But if you’re sticking to your diet I’m proud of you!! Giving up the good stuff is hard.*

  5. Lana

    I lived in Arkansas for a short time and was introduced to chicken spaghetti a few years ago. It is so good and even was a dish that was catered at the medical facility where I worked at the time! All of the recipes that I got while I lived there called for Rotel tomatoes and Velveeta. I think I’m going to make some of this for dinner tonight.

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