Remember my Feb. block and just how ugly it was?

ugly jan bom

I’ve hated that block all these months, but kept telling myself that maybe, just maybe, it might sink into the background once I put all 12 together. Obviously not..

all reject

I pulled it apart and changed that bright yellow to red. Man, that yellow is a bit much. I have no idea what I was thinking when I chose it.

bom feb redo

all blocks

Much better, don’t ya think? It goes. Now, the only thing left is the finishing touches… And figuring out how I’m going to quilt this thing. Quilting applique will be a first for me. I have to say I’m a bit intimidated by it. I want to keep the stitching neat and tidy without stitching over all the pretty pictures. I guess I’ll read up on the matter just a bit before I jump in. I’d hate to mess it up at this stage in the game.



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8 responses to “Redo

  1. I really like the change, you did a great job! It is going to be really pretty once it is completely finished.

  2. I loved the yellow basket block until I saw it all together. You did good with the redo! It co-ordinates so much better!

  3. You are way too hard on yourself. The red you chose for your re-do works out just dandy. Can’t wait to see the finished quilt…then your are going to do a giveaway, aren’t you? (Of course I know you’re not… 🙂


  4. Ugh. That yellow sticks out like a sore thumb.. even the little yellow chick stands out a bit much for my taste. I’m glad to finally have that basket gone. The time it took to redo was well worth it!

  5. *Thank you. I hope it finishes well. Cross your fingers for me.. I’m still studying on my finishing technique. I’m a little worried on how that will turn out. Firsts are always a little scary.*

  6. *I think the red is a thousand times better than that yellow. The redo was a wise choice. I can’t wait to get it completely finished. I have no idea what I’ll do with this quilt but I could never give it away. It’s my first **applique quilt and each little square is a story of my learning. It doesn’t go with anything in my house but it makes me smile just the same.*

  7. I like it! I’m not an expert at applique quilting. My friend who does much much more quilting uses clear thread on the top to outline the applique. That way you don’t distract from the applique element.

  8. Terrific idea. I’ve got some clear thread laying around, I might try it… on the yellow block 1st.. just to make sure I don’t mess it up. Thanks for your thoughts.. you don’t know how I agonize over these things :).

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