A New Craft Bag

craft bag

Okay, so I finally completed something..or almost.. introducing My new crafting bag.. I made it with the leftover yarn I had from Big Bad Bertha. The colors are great but, I kinda laugh every time I catch a glimpse of it.. doesn’t it remind you of the 90s (or was it the 80s?) when reggae and Bob Marley were all the rage? I feel like I should sling it on my head instead of over my shoulder – he-he. She’s my own rendition of this pattern.. I was having some trouble getting my bottom to lay flat so, as usual, I winged it.. Doesn’t matter though, the look is the same. I think I’ll line it with fabric and add a drawl string. I want a bit more form and I’m afraid I might lose my favorite hook though one of the holes. If I lost the hook my granny gave me I’d probably die. So, soon, she’ll be lined with a solid thick orange fabric.



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2 responses to “A New Craft Bag

  1. Adorable! The scalloped edge makes the bag. Did you add the scalloped edge to the handles? It looks like it. Lining it is a great idea!

  2. *I liked the scalloped edges too & thought by adding them to the handles it might pull the whole thing together a little more. & It was another opportunity for more color – love these so much. I can’t even tell ya how easy this bag was to make… and it’s great for dragging stuff around, as we’ve mentioned before.. craft when and where you can! :)*

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