A New Year, A New Computer

Happy New Year! I’d like to thank everyone who sent me warm Christmas wishes and let me know that I was missed over my short blogging break. You guys are the greatest! I really mean that. It’s you that makes blogging so fun. I hope you all had as wonderful Christmas as I did! Not only did I spend some quality time with family but I got a whole week at home with my Goose. And, look what Santa brought me..

new computer

I already love her. I still need to load most of my programs to her though. So, blogging might be a little rocky but I’ll get it done, hopefully this week. Isn’t she pretty? She’s very sleek! And, oh she runs like a dream! She might actually make crafting a little more difficult. I’ve already found that surfing is a lot more fun when you’re on your couch with a quick laptop and a warm fire. 🙂 Speaking of crafting, I haven’t done much over my break. I had hoped to have great things to show you. There was big plans but nothing much visualized. Instead, Goose and I went to the movies, ate out a lot, and hung around at home. The time away from work was exactly what I needed! Another week would do just fine.

Thanks again for stopping in to see what’s up with me.. it feels good to be back here.



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4 responses to “A New Year, A New Computer

  1. Well you must have been a good girl last year! Nice computer! I’m glad you had a good break with your daughter! Hopefully we will be able to see some crafty posts soon! Don’t get too obsessed with your santa gift!

  2. *I can’t really claim to have been that good 🙂 . My hubby is just a great gift-giver. I give him a blanket.. he gives me a computer.. how lucky can I be??

    I have a few things going on in the crafty department..hopefully I can get at least one of them done so that I can show you soon. I’m telling ya, I didn’t get a thing accomplished in the last two weeks. But boy did it feel good. :)*

  3. Jessica

    Yay for new computers! I love it 🙂 Glad to hear you had a great Christmas!

  4. Good for you!!! and welcome back.

    Happy happy new year.


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