How Many Snowballs Till Christmas?


I was going to post this when there really were 25 days till Christmas.. and now here we are, what, only 14 13 days to go? Oh well, better late than never, I guess. This is my little felt snowman Christmas countdown. He sticks right to the brick. I think he’s adorably country sweet.


It’s a little hard to see but it says 25 snowballs till Christmas. You’re suppose to take one snowball down everyday and put it in the little pocket until it’s Christmas.

I made it a few years back in hopes of building a little Christmas excitement for Goose. She’s never been too interested in building suspense…even today, she doesn’t dig around under the tree or count down the days, for that matter. But I hang this little guy up each year anyway and we take down three or four balls here and there until the 25th finally makes it.



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2 responses to “How Many Snowballs Till Christmas?

  1. It’s a love your snowball Christmas countdown! Don’t like the fact there are only 13 days left to get everything done! The panic attack is setting in! All the homemade presents are in stages!

  2. *I know exactly what you mean… I have one scarf left to finish… anything else will have to be bought. Everyone in my family tells me how crazy I am for making gifts and now with only 10 days to go I have to agree. AWWW.. I spent the whole weekend cooking goodies for Hubby’s work and making 2 dog outfits for the school play. I’m borderline insane at this point.*

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