Getting Back Into My Groove

I’m a fan of Brandy and her sweet blog, Minivanlife.. back in September she posted an absolutely perfect tutorial on how to make Vintage Pillowcase Pants. If you’re one that asks lots of questions and likes tons of details this is the tut for you. Brandy went into great detail on every step. So, when I read it I knew I wanted to try it.. I printed it out and stuck it in my notebook with a dozen other must-try tuts.

Fast forward one month.. On my quest for the perfect Craft Hope Quilt fabric I came across the cutest flannel monkey print and thought it would make great PJs for Goose…

monkey fabric

and it would also give me the chance to try out Brandy’s tutorial. So, I bought it. And it’s been sitting on one shelf or another waiting for me to get my act together.

Last night I pulled it all together and began cutting. Tonight I hope to finish it all up. I’m pairing the pants with a store bought, large, long-sleeve t-shirt and adding the flannel print to it with some sort of pattern.. I’m not exactly sure on that minor detail just yet. As I’ve said half a trillion times on this blog, I love the process!!

It feels good to be making something again.



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2 responses to “Getting Back Into My Groove

  1. Super cute monkey fabric. My daughter would love this fabric! Can’t wait to see what you do with the top!

  2. I made some pants for my Z and we took a red t-shirt for the top and added the same material as the pants to the arms to make it long sleeve and added some to the bottom to give it a layered look. It worked really well. We might still might do an applique to the front. I have a break from doing daycare for the month of Dec. so maybe I will get caught up on my posts.

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