I’ve Been Around

I didn’t have plans to take over a week off from this poor blog but as it turned out my hubby went on a hunting trip and took my camera with him.. and we all know a post isn’t worth much if it doesn’t have a photo.. So, instead of blogging I cleaned my house and got a lot of my Christmas shopping bought and wrapped! Yeah me! The only crafting I completed was a leotard.

1st leotard

I’m so tickled about this project. I’ve never worked with nylon/spandex before and was really quite scared of it. Honestly I thought you had to have a serger… but this is so not true. And the woman at the fabric store had me scared to death.. she said I’d need to  wrap the edges in tissue paper to keep it from being eaten by my machine. Again, so not true. Nylon/spandex is just as easy to sew as regular ol’ cotton. The only thing I did differently was to triple stitch the main seams and catch the edges of the fabric with a zigzag. Easy peasy! And something else I forgot to mention, I drafted the pattern myself. Yes, I’m proud. I do plan on buying a pattern though. Now that I know how easy a leotard is to make I think I’ll jazz it up a bit.. maybe use two fabrics next time. I’ve already been searching the fabric blogs for some really cute spandex. Love it!



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2 responses to “I’ve Been Around

  1. Clean house, Christmas shopping bought and wrapped? Wow! I am impressed! Maybe my husband needs to take off with my sewing machine for a while! (He needs to remember to take my backup one too!)LOL
    Cute leotard, is that a button on there or a patch? I am again impressed, that you made up the pattern! I haven’t sewn a lot with Nylon/Spandex, belts and such, but I never had a problem with it either.
    Hope your hubby’s hunting trip was successful! My son’s wasn’t, but there is always next time! I’m glad your back!

  2. *I know, right? It was nice to have a little break from blogging. Sometimes I get a little wrapped up in it. But don’t be too impressed, the house is already a mess. Thanks for the Leo love.. I’m obsessed with them.. in fact I just order the pattern. The little star is a patch.. according to Goose, it’s what “makes” the suit. I hope to get a little more in depth with my next one.. as I said, 2-tone. Cross your fingers. Hubby’s hunting trip didn’t go as he planned.. I think he spotted a few but all were too small to shot. The deer got lucky this year. & He had my camera that whole time and never took it out of the case. Figures!*

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