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crochet wip

Evidently the cooler weather has turned me into a crochet junky. Even when I’m working on something else, I’m longing for my hooks. So, it looks as though my IceCream quilt is going to have to wait even longer. My heart’s just not in it. I have the next pattern ready..I just can’t make myself cut the fabric. Maybe I’ll feel like tackling it once I have this crochet project is finished.



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4 responses to “Latest WIP

  1. Oh, how I wish I’d learned to crochet. My grandmother tried to teach me so many times, and I was too young to realize how much I’d use that skill. The holidays always have me thinking about it, as she would make the entire family new crochet slippers every year– she’d pull them out of a big garbage bag before Christmas dinner and we’d line up to get our pair. Sounds silly, but it was such a highlight to the day!

  2. Pretty pink yarn! What are you making?

  3. *I made a hat and a scarf for my niece for Christmas. I’m really please with the way they turned out.. they’re so soft I can barely stand them :). Hopefully I’ll have a few extra minutes to gather my thoughts and post about them in the morning. *

  4. *My Grandmother taught me when I was around 10yrs.. I was patient enough to learn only a few stitches. I’ve picked it up a time or two since then.. It wasn’t until last yr that I decided I wanted to learn more. It’s funny that you talked of slippers… my granny made us all a pair too. Precious memories.. If you get the urge to give crochet a whirl may I suggest “Stitch ‘N Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker. I love this book.. it has terrific pictures..and some great patterns.. also, YouTube is a great help. *

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