BOM #11

bom 11

That’s the outcome. I can’t believe how much faster I am now that I’ve completed 11 blocks. Block one took me the whole weekend..and that was working pretty consistently on both Saturday and Sunday. This block only took a few hours.

I also can’t believe we’ve only one more block. I’m sad. I’ll miss the anticipation, the rush to the computer on the “5th” of every month, and the gushing over how cute each and every block is. This project has been so much fun and I’ve learned a lot about applique because of it. (more about that later)

I’ve finally started to think about my sashing.. do I want it as a wall-hanging or do I want it as a quilt?? I’m leaning toward a quilt..a wall-hanging wouldn’t match my decor too well. My only issue with a quilt is with my fabric. Besides the background block squares, all the fabric I used was scraps. I chose to do this because I wasn’t sure if I’d even enjoy I didn’t want to buy fabric I didn’t need. But now, I worry about having enough scraps to pull off a quilt. Should I add in some solid borders around each block?? Maybe add in some nine patch sqaures with some new prints?? Hmmm.. My thought process continues…



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5 responses to “BOM #11

  1. Once again…lovely work. One more month and you can put it all together. How proud you should be of yourself!


  2. I love the idea of adding the nine patch squares in. What a great job you have done on the applique blocks! There are so many ways to finish off a quilt. You’ll figure out which one! Hopefully it will not involve the seam ripper!

  3. *This year has really skipped right past me. I always say I’m going to start Christmas crafting in July and then never do. I hope that I’ll have this quilt finished before the new year but I wouldn’t count on it. Time moves fast… I don’t. šŸ™‚ I will be proud when it’s done though.. This is my very first applique quilt ever!!! I used to think I wanted quilting to be my thing… I’ve decided that sitting behind a sewing machine for several hours at a time is not really up my alley. **So, let’s hope the actually quilting goes as planned. **Cross your fingers!!*

  4. Consider them crossed. I really do hope you enjoy the remainder of the process. I look forward to seeing it…whenever it is finished. Completed projects are always so satisfying.

  5. *You are so right… seam rippers are never a good thing. šŸ™‚ I might do the nine patch… I really can’t decide. I kind of like the idea of framing each block with several small colored strips and then maybe adding a two inch sash between each block… Well, I like that today.. by the time I actually finish it I might just go with the wall hanging. :)*

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