It’s Funny Now

A while back I told the story about a very poor kitty who’d lost his home and was found by a very happy little girl.. Well, Poor Kitty has now been renamed “Pepper” and has gone from pauper to prince virtually over night. In other words, he lives with us now. It turns out that Pepper is the very best of hunters. He’s killed countless moles, several mice, every bird insight, and a flying squirrel. Here’s the morbid picture to prove it…

Well, as I was telling Goose for the 14th time this morning to sit down, drink her orange juice, eat her banana, and don’t forget your vitamins (we’ve had a cold for a week), Pepper comes prancing through the kitchen with his latest catch..a mouse..which is still alive…… Hmmm, I think to myself, I can handle this..I open the back door and try to coach him and his prey out.. Not working. Pepper then begins to swat the mouse around..showin’ him who’s boss, I guess. Just as I open my mouth to tell Goose to sit down that mouse takes off running..Goose’s eyes get as big around as eggs and the mouse heads straight up her pant leg. AHHHH!!!! We’re both yelling and jumping up and down frantic stricken. Luckily he came right back out and Pepper grabbed him up. Poor ol’ Goose burst into tears and I’m yelling, “Did it bite you? Did it bite you?” Again, we were only scared her. It was then I started to laugh…how funny we must have looked..jumping up and down and screaming at the top of our lungs.. and how funny this story will be years from now when Goose retells it to her kids. Of course Goose found no humor whatsoever in this event. Actually, She went off to school mad. I’m sure at this very moment, she’s telling all her little friends how mean her mama is…But I’m still giggling. It was a crazy morning.



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9 responses to “It’s Funny Now

  1. That is funny, Renee, but I can’t help feeling sorry for the poor flying squirrel. Before Katrina hit and abused our area we had a family of flying squirrels living in our back yard. They were delightful to watch as they left their nest (a birdhouse) for the evening. They peeked out to see if the coast was clear. It is astounding how many flying squirrels can fit inside one birdhouse.

    We used to have a hunting machine cat, too…they are handy at keeping the varmint population down. A few years back I swore off cats, but as the battle against mice picked up the pace I relented, and we’ve got two that appeared and stayed. I feed them…they live outside. I’m hoping at least one of them will be a super hunter, too. The youngest is black with just a tiny patch of white on the top of its chest…reminds me of yours.

    Tell Goose I’m not laughing…ha ha ha.

    oxo Judy

  2. For the record, I would have been laughing too and my kids would have gotten mad at me too. Your quilt was from the last post was so much fun, I just wish you would have posted a pic of it all spread out. I might have to try one like that for my daughters room.

  3. This is not just funny, it’s hilarious!!! Sounds like something that would be in an “I Love Lucy” episode. It’s probably funny to me, because it didn’t happen to me! I would have reacted just like you two did! My husband doesn’t let me forget the time I saw a mouse and jumped on the washing machine and screamed for my life. He thought I was being murdered! My new “found” dog has been catching shrew left and right, and wants to bring them into the house to play with. I have to be careful when I let him in the house.

    Goose will be okay! She is still terrified at the fact the mouse ran up her pants leg. Soon she will probably be telling this to her classmates to impress them!

  4. *Oh yeah, she’s scared to death.. I had to make her get out of the chair when it was time to go to school. She’s furious about the whole thing. Honestly, I would be too if it had ran up my leg.. can you imagine the feeling? AHHH! She said it make it all the way up to her knee. Poor baby.*

  5. *I know.. poor squirrel. I took several pictures of it because I had never seen a flying squirrel. Up until this point we didn’t even know we had them. I have no idea where they could possible live. It’s close by though because Pepper hangs pretty tight around the house. I don’t know why he feels like he’s got to drag these poor animals into the house. Yuk!*

  6. Cats bring their prey to you as a gift. That’s just the way cats are. If they love you, you get their dead stuff. Of course, given enough time your kitty would eat your prize.

    Flying squirrels generally live in a hole in a tree or a birdhouse…always elevated. They only come out at night and they eat bugs etc. They are not actually squirrels if I remember my research correctly…and I wouldn’t lay money on that. 🙂

    Later…oxo Judy

  7. Jessica

    I don’t think you are mean at all! I have seen some mommas who would post pictures of the actual event. Pictures of their little ones jumping up and down trying to get the little critter out of their pants! I would have laughed too!

  8. *Thanks! At this point Goose is totally over the whole thing.. Actually she thinks she’s some kind of tough little chic because of it. She’s told everyone about the whole thing.. even her teacher. She’s bad to the bone now 🙂 . I bet she left out the part about her crying like a baby after though…he-he


  9. Wha! I would have been standing on top of the table screaming and then laughing and then screaming some more! And I’m a girl that thinks of herself as calm in the wild (but when the wild comes inside, oh, my, that’s a different story;)…

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