One Groovy Chic

I’m not exactly sure how or when Goose came up with the idea of being a Hippie for halloween but this is the outcome to her thoughts…
halloween 09

This was all her idea: Cute little braids with colorful beads.. a ribbon headband.. tie-dyed fleece shawl.. peace purse.. blue jean bell-bottoms with painted graffiti.. and of course, peace necklace and earrings. I find myself asking, when did she become such an expert on 60s fashion? Scary!!

I made the jeans out of an old shower curtain, drew on a few 60s themed icons with chalk, and then let her at the with some paint.

Here she is..the graffiti queen.
halloween 09 2

All and all I think her ideas came together perfectly… It is definitely the easiest outfit she’s had to date.

I hope ya’ll have a very scary, candy-filled, Happy Halloween!!




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2 responses to “One Groovy Chic

  1. Cute costume! I bet she loved painting the pants!

  2. *She had a ball with this outfit. It took her a few days to get all the painting done.. Her attention span could still use a little work.. but eventually she got it done. The pants were her favorite part of the outfit.*

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