A Slight Detour

future quilt

If you haven’t stopped by to see what Craft Hope has going on you need to. This time they’re collecting quilts for the homeless. Jade said she was hoping for 200+ volunteers.. when I stopped in she had 199.. I saw it as a sign from above and immediately signed up. It makes me happy to help someone in need. I know I’ve been talking about working on my Ice cream quilt but there will be time for that later. And besides, this Craft Hope quilt shouldn’t take too long to finish. I have the quilt layout in my head and my supplies are bought..now I’ve got to put it all together and get it sent off before Nov 15th. Nov. 15th?? I know! That’s pushing it a bit.. at least it is for me.



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5 responses to “A Slight Detour

  1. Cute Charlie Brown fabric! This is a great project to donate to. I am originally from Michigan, a lot of my family is there and I know the economic situation is bad.

  2. *I went to the fabric store with an idea in mind.. after an hour left with nothing. Honestly, I was mad that I had wasted so much time. But that night, this C.B. fabric kept popping in my mind.. So I changed my whole pattern idea and went back the next day and bought it. It funny how fabric can do that to ya!*

  3. Very sweet fabric. Everybody loves the Charlie Brown crew. Making a quilt to comfort someone less fortunate is a wonderful thing…I’m proud of you.


  4. *Helping is good.. & it makes me feel good as well. That’s why I’m so thankful for Craft Hope.. they do all the hard work like finding the charity, setting up the contacts, getting everything where it needs to go, and so forth. All I have to do is make something, which I love, and then send it. Someone gets something they need and I a little happiness blessing for helping out. It’s win/win. Gotta love that! *

  5. Absolutely, Renee. Absolutely. We can’t possibly love enough…God has been so good to us.


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