Creative Packaging

Christmas isn’t really that far off.. a little over two months away, so I’m not working too far in advance, am I? You see, I decided several months ago that I was going to crochet an apple for Goose’s teacher’s Christmas gift.. attached to the apple would be the real present, a gift card to Applebees. Cute, I thought. So, yesterday I was moved to work on it..and guess what? It is cute.

apple 2

apple 1

Though, I wish the stuffing could have been red to match the yarn. Can you dye that stuff with food coloring? I don’t know but I should have tried it. I think it would have looked much nicer without the white peeking through. Also, when it’s time to give her the gift I’m going to add a couple drops of apple-spice fragrant oil to the bottom.. that way the apple will have a little more purpose than just “cute packaging” for a gift card.

Now I have two gifts complete..the apple and Aaron’s blanket. I really need to get working on that Ice Cream quilt. I’m thinking about it but for some reason I can’t pick it up. I think the problem lies with my hooks. Too much crochet on the brain.



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2 responses to “Creative Packaging

  1. That is super cute, and your last BOM was one of my favorites. I would think that you would have been able to dye cotton fiber fill but I don’t know about the poly.

  2. That is a really cute idea! I’m sure the teacher will love it! Christmas, oh my please don’t remind me! Last year I thought – I am going to start on gifts in July. It’s already October! Zero gifts made! I hear you can dye things with Kool-Aid. You might give that a try.

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