BOM #10

bom #10

I love this little block with its cute little kitty and chubby ole witch. So much creativity went into designing these blocks. I’m so grateful to Anne at Bunny Hill for sharing them with all of us. It’s hard to believe that there are only two left.

This year has flown by. I’m not a big fan of Fall or Winter. Cold weather and short days make me a bit depressed. I much prefer the beautiful colors of Spring flowers to those of Fall leaves. And Hubby has already gotten on to me for turning on the heat in the house. 😦 I totally get why bears hibernate.

Am I sounding a little whiny? I feel it. It’s cold and wet and poor Goose is sick with the combo crud..walking pneumonia and a stomach bug. Blah.

Last weekend I tried to shake my blues with cake and a book. It helped a little…I mean, it’s cake, right? Perhaps this weekend, if there’s time, I’ll make myself a new scarf and a big pot of potato soup.

If there’s one positive to cool weather it’s soup!



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4 responses to “BOM #10

  1. Well there is one little Halloween item. Maybe you should make two and frame one for a Halloween decoration. I was just thinking I needed to make Potato soup yesterday, before I even read your blog post! I love soup! I make an O’Charley’s Potato Cheese soup, but I may give your recipe a try this weekend! Hope Goose is feeling better!

  2. Forgot to mention how cute the block is!

  3. VERY CUTE block! So sorry to hear your Goose has been sick~NO FUN! Hope it wasn’t the dreaded H1N1? No matter what, praying it’s over now! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  4. *Thanks for my block love. I needed it. I thought maybe the black netted cape was a bit “weird” for a quilt. Also, thanks for the concern for my daughter. She still has an ugly cough but says she feels fine.. She woke this morning complaining about having to go back to school so she’s back to her normal self 🙂 .*

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