Cool Fabric Site, Spending $$, & Other Happenings

The days are kinda slow around here but I’ve been thinking a lot about this totally cool fabric site. On occasion I’ll click on it just to mesmerized by the pretty colors. I could do some major credit card damage. MAJOR!

I’ve also been thinking about how cool it would be to take this trip. I get such a kick out of Auntie Lola and her humorous posts. And just look at the awesome quilt they’re gonna be making. I’m sure the ladies that set sail with her will have the time of their lives.. Lucky!!

To keep myself from dwelling too much on all these cool things and the money that I could be spending, I’m focusing on my crochet blanket. She’s eating up much of my time…thus the lack of posts. She’s growing though.. a week or two and she’ll be finished!

crochet blanket 2

And remember my ice cream quilt? I’ve been chugging along at a very slow pace with her as well.. but now I’ve gotten it in my head that I want to gift it as a Christmas present. So with several blocks to go, I’d better get it in gear. Here’s the latest..

icecream blck

I think it’s going to be cute when it’s all said and done. If nothing else, it will be original. That’s kinda fun too.



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7 responses to “Cool Fabric Site, Spending $$, & Other Happenings

  1. I know how you feel when it comes to the money you could spend. I am just itching to be totally irresponsible and buy new merino wool yarn that I have been eyeing or new fleece for the kids pj’s and diaper covers, but, alas, the new propane bill and ER bills from child number threes monkey business sits by the computer reminding me that the money of the house is spoken for. So, I will be drooling right along with you, waiting for the day when the checkbook says its okay to splurge!! I may be able to swing some fleece and jersey, only because it’s for the kids.

  2. The blanket is looking good! I can’t wait to see the ice cream quilt finished. It is super adorable!

  3. *Thanks. I can’t wait to get both of them finished. I feel like I’ve been crocheting for decades 🙂 . I’m ready to start something NEW. I can’t get over all the free patterns there are out there. I want to make them all. Unfortunately I have to work.. which leaves only enough time for one or two things. Pick & choose, I guess. I’m loving all your Halloween goodies! Maybe I could find time to make something scary.* 🙂

  4. *You sound just like me..I’ll buy it if it’s for my daughter or husband but if it’s just for me? Forget it. Somehow I can’t make that right in my head. I’m a saver. Can’t help it 🙂 .*

  5. minivanlife

    OK, first of all, that ice cream is going to be adorable! And I LOVE the colors you’re using in your afghan.

    That is the coolest fabric site I’ve ever seen. Have you or anyone you know ordered from them before?

  6. *I really do go to this fabric site and click for what seems like forever. It’s such a clever idea I think. I don’t know anyone who has purchased from them and I have yet to do any damage myself. But I want to.. really, really want to. :)*

  7. I’ve been reading a few posts and truly and enjoy your writing. I’m just starting up my own blog and only hope that I can write as well and provide the reader so much insight.

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