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Cool Fabric Site, Spending $$, & Other Happenings

The days are kinda slow around here but I’ve been thinking a lot about this totally cool fabric site. On occasion I’ll click on it just to mesmerized by the pretty colors. I could do some major credit card damage. MAJOR!

I’ve also been thinking about how cool it would be to take this trip. I get such a kick out of Auntie Lola and her humorous posts. And just look at the awesome quilt they’re gonna be making. I’m sure the ladies that set sail with her will have the time of their lives.. Lucky!!

To keep myself from dwelling too much on all these cool things and the money that I could be spending, I’m focusing on my crochet blanket. She’s eating up much of my time…thus the lack of posts. She’s growing though.. a week or two and she’ll be finished!

crochet blanket 2

And remember my ice cream quilt? I’ve been chugging along at a very slow pace with her as well.. but now I’ve gotten it in my head that I want to gift it as a Christmas present. So with several blocks to go, I’d better get it in gear. Here’s the latest..

icecream blck

I think it’s going to be cute when it’s all said and done. If nothing else, it will be original. That’s kinda fun too.



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