BOM #9, Is It?

BOM #9
Wow, it took me 8 blocks before I realized “prepare fabric” really means: starch the dickens out of it… not after you cut but before.. I thought I was really coming along back on block #6..
BOM #6
See how nicely she turned out? But then block #7, with all those points, wasn’t as nice.
BOM #7

#8 was even worse.

BOM #8
So I did a little thinkin’… what did I do differently with #6. And then it dawned on me.. I used that cheap fabric that I vowed never to use again.. The cheap fabric had to be layered with a white fabric to keep the background from showing through…and therefore I “starched the dickens out of it” in order to get it to lay properly. Hmmmmm. This thinkin’ brought me to the idea of starching the fabric PRIOR to cutting. So, I gave it a try.. I starched it good..really good! I sprayed and ironed both sides, two times..And yes indeed, it works much better. – So, THIS is what “prepare fabric” means.
And you know what else? With a little pinch, the fabric will fold right over the freezer paper and stay there! HAPPY DANCE!! They say 3rd times a charm.. in my case 9th time! 🙂



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7 responses to “BOM #9, Is It?

  1. super cute, I can’t wait to see the finished project. I am almost done with my vintage scarf!!

  2. minivanlife

    Wow, those are looking great! I can’t wait to see it when it’s finished! Love the first one with the dog and apples.

  3. *Thanks! This quilt has been loads of fun filled with a lot of learning. Now that I know to starch heavily I think I’ll enjoy the process even more. One thing’s for sure, the last few blocks will look better than most of the others. :)*

  4. You get better with each block…you should be so pleased with yourself. The sheep is double adorable!

  5. Cute BOM pattern! Where did you get the pattern? I will have to try your trick with the starch! It’s been awhile since I have appliqued! I will probably have to learn all over!

  6. *Thanks. Now that I’ve got the whole starch thing down I hope I’ll be more pleased with them. & I have to say that I love the little sheep too…In fact, I love all of those little critters.. the little ladybug is so sweet. I think Anne at Bunny Hill did a great job designing this quilt.*

  7. *I love this design.. It’s from Bunny Hill FREE BOM and you can find the link on the side of my blog.. It’s the cute little picture with the basket it on it. These blocks are pretty easy to do, even for a beginner, such as myself. Give it a whirl! It’s been a lot of fun.*

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