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BOM #9, Is It?

BOM #9
Wow, it took me 8 blocks before I realized “prepare fabric” really means: starch the dickens out of it… not after you cut but before.. I thought I was really coming along back on block #6..
BOM #6
See how nicely she turned out? But then block #7, with all those points, wasn’t as nice.
BOM #7

#8 was even worse.

BOM #8
So I did a little thinkin’… what did I do differently with #6. And then it dawned on me.. I used that cheap fabric that I vowed never to use again.. The cheap fabric had to be layered with a white fabric to keep the background from showing through…and therefore I “starched the dickens out of it” in order to get it to lay properly. Hmmmmm. This thinkin’ brought me to the idea of starching the fabric PRIOR to cutting. So, I gave it a try.. I starched it good..really good! I sprayed and ironed both sides, two times..And yes indeed, it works much better. – So, THIS is what “prepare fabric” means.
And you know what else? With a little pinch, the fabric will fold right over the freezer paper and stay there! HAPPY DANCE!! They say 3rd times a charm.. in my case 9th time! 🙂



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