Ain’t She A Beaut?

Remember a short time back when I was contemplating a “small” project to add to the list of other projects I’d already committed myself to? Well, here she is…
aarons christmas
She’s less than half done and I adore her already. I tried to talk myself out of making her.. She and small don’t exactly go together. But, I couldn’t get her, or those colors, out of my mind. And so, she’s coming along. She’ll be big enough to cover a bed.. though she won’t be used for that. She’s a Christmas present for hubby and will probably only adorn him and his recliner. I might have to snuggle up with her a time or two before I put her in the box to be wrapped though.



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9 responses to “Ain’t She A Beaut?

  1. minivanlife

    I love to crochet blankets! Every stitch made with love. Those are great colors…I’m sure your hubby will love it!

  2. Thanks! This is my first full size blanket.. I’ve only made baby blankets until now. Already I’m thinking about my next one.. a ripple blanket! I would have went with that for this blanket but didn’t really think the pattern was right for my living room…or my husband πŸ™‚ .

  3. It is absolutely beautiful, I love the mix of colors. My daughter has a zig-zag looking one made with chocolate brown, cream, and pink. I would love to make her one with plum, chocolate brown, and a green, but I have to finish all my small projects first, ha!!

  4. *Choc., cream, & pink! Yum! I bet it’s beautiful. I was thinking of colors that I might use.. I might just have to try those. :)*

  5. Marvelous color!!! Your work is beautiful, and it’s certain your DH will love it.

  6. *I hope he’ll love it. He knows he’s getting it… something like this is kind of hard to hide πŸ™‚ .. and if he catches me working on something else, he always asks why I’m not working on HIS blanket. If I spent more time hanging out with the TV I might make me one to match.*

  7. Ann

    Hi, just dropped by to say hello from England and loved your crochet blanket- such an amazing project and I am sure hubby will love it – a great snuggle.

  8. *Thanks! I’m trying to complete at least one color everyday. So hopefully it won’t be too much longer before she’s done. This weekend the weather was slightly cooler than “Hot” and so I laid her out over me on the couch.. she was nice just to work on. Crochet is perfect for cold months, don’t ya think? Thanks for coming by!!*

  9. Such gorgeous colors! Love the blanket! You do such nice work!

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