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For all of the mamas out there that would rather struggle yourself than to see your kids struggle, know that I’m with you. Now, don’t get me wrong.. there are struggles worth fighting.. the life changing kind.. but learning your multiplication tables shouldn’t be life changing.. If you have a child who is struggling to learn their multiplication tables get this book.

multi book

I sat down with Goose, who is incapable of MEMORIZING anything, and learned 0 through 5 in about an hour. It’s true. This is not a PAID testimonial. I bought this book from Amazon for $29.99 because I was desperate to help her learn them. It’s also here on sale now for only 19-95. Our full story is long and disappointing so I won’t go there.. but we had the summer to learn 0 to 12 and, truly, after 2 months we were no further along than we were at the end of the school year.

So what’s the secret in this book, you ask? It’s all about association. First you must make sure your child understands the grouping process.. such as 3×4 is the same as 3+3+3+3.. If they get that then you’re in business. This book relates pictures to short stories that are easily remembered. Within the stories are words that rhyme with the problem and the answer.. See the front of the book? 3×4? There’s a cute little story about a tree(3) and a door(4) and an elf(12). Easy, right? It was for us.

For some kids memorizing is a piece of cake. For Goose, it is not. But with the help of this book she gets it.. and to me that’s all that matters.



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