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A Post For Me.. A P.S. For You

I love this little blog.. it’s a craft project in itself.. and I have to say if it weren’t for this friend I would have never started it. She pushed me and I jumped. You see, I’m a lurker.. still. Even though I have a blog I rarely ever comment on others, but then pout that no one leaves me any. Silly, I know.  🙂 What I found out from my giveaway is that there are a few people that come to my blog (I already knew that from my stats) but they don’t come for the reading content.. they come because they want to make something!! and they’re looking for my tutorials & patterns. I guess that’s okay. When I started this blog it had NOTHING to do with writing, I do enough of that at work, I just wanted to find my creative side again and to show off the crazy things I make. And the next time I get a little sad because no one comments on my latest and greatest creation I want to remember that…It’s not about me..it’s about making something with your own hands. This blog is for show and tell, a little inspiration if you will.. writing is work. 🙂 And to anyone who is actually reading this post..thank you! and thanks for visiting me here at goosiegirls.

P.S. The second thing I learned from my little giveaway is that my eyebrows are uneven. For goodness sakes!! I have a mother, a husband, and friends.. and YOU! Have you’ve seen this picture?
I appreciate the kindness of the women out there in blog-crafty-land, but a gentle.. “Hey, I love your scarf but that right eyebrow could use a little extra tweezing” would be fine too. 🙂



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