Giveaway – Vintage Inspired Scarf


I’m somewhat proud of myself with this one. You see, during last Tuesday’s knitting group I was supposed to be working on socks, but the girl in charge of the patterns forgot them. No big deal, I said. So I started digging around in my craft bag and pulled out a lovely picture of a somewhat similar scarf. I figure why not?? I’ve got nothing but time.. So I set out on this little adventure. Keep in mind, I had no pattern (it’s just as well,  I couldn’t read it anyway 😉 ) but I felt fairly confident in my off-the-cuff crochet skills. And, tada, this is what I came up with. Very Vintage, don’t ya think? It has a cute little flower on the front but it’s hard to see in these pictures.. And the ruffles hide the double chin.. Always a plus!



I think I shall make another to go with my black wool coat.. this time in green..or maybe pink? Pink might add a little more to the vintage feel. Hmm, I do love green though.. what do you think?

yarn pink

yarn green

I tell ya what.. leave a comment to this post with the color choice you think would be best for me.. then tell me a little about your favorite off-the-cuff project. Comment by midnight US EDST on Tuesday, September 1st for a chance to claim my original off-the-cuff blue vintage inspired scarf. I’ll pick a winner by random draw soon thereafter. Good luck!



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16 responses to “Giveaway – Vintage Inspired Scarf

  1. super cute, I would have to say that I like the pink and green, it seems like they would be lovely shades to remind you of spring flowers in the middle of winter. I also love the blue of the first one, will you put your “off the cuff” pattern up so that those of us who don’t win can make one too!

  2. This is great! I love it. I would definitely go with the green…because it is my favorite color 🙂 And, one of my favorite scarves is green.

    I am working on a project now that I love. It is really hard to explain…and it is kind of a copy of someone else’s work. I’ll send you the link 😉

  3. The blue is beautiful! You are so crafty. I think the pattern lady forgetting the sock pattern was a blessing in disguise. Another wonderful project by Renee!

  4. Vicky

    How pretty. I want it. I think it would go great with a simple blue jean jacket. Sorry, I’m not a crafter so my best off the cuff project is probably my kid :)!!

  5. Lovely design!
    I would have to say green – it is my favorite color so it will win every time LOL
    A pop of green would be an unexpected bit of flair against a black coat. Very chic.

  6. whoops, hit enter before I finished writing.

    My best off-the-cuff project…hmmm
    most of my projects are started without a pattern or a plan.
    One of my favorites was a plush jointed robot doll that I made for a friend in a swap. He turned out quite well and she just loved him.

  7. Krista

    Beautiful scarf.

  8. Kelly

    The blue is gorgeous! Pink is my favorite color. But I also have to vote for the green because it is a less common color choice and perfect for a unique item like your scarf!
    My “off-the-cuff” project would have to be the end tables and coasters I made from a black walnut tree that we had to take down in the spring. Inspiration hit me when I was looking at one of the logs laying there and noticed the beautiful design of the circumference. 🙂

  9. Joy Leming

    I also crochet and the scarf you made looks great! I don’t take the time to crochet anymore (what a shame) but love to look at the things people make! You did great!!

  10. Mary Christian

    I love the color and would love to have it.

  11. Dixie Widner

    The blue is beautifull, I would love to be able to do something like that, but i can’t set still long enough to do it. I have had 3 back surgery’s and very hard to set very long at a time. Just wanted to drop a line to let you know what a great job you do….

  12. Wendy Lane

    Love the scarf!!

  13. Janet

    Awsome Renee, that is very creative and beautiful. I think the next one should be the pale pink, or maybe an off white/tea dye (vintage). My best off-the-cuff project, well I’m not that creative so I would have to say “I don’t have one”.

  14. Kathy Price

    What a talent you have to do this without a pattern. I admire anyone who can crochet or embroider. So beautiful!

  15. Virginia Herring

    I love the scarf & the comment about hiding a double chin did it for

  16. Jane Manis

    Love the scarf. Would love to have one in orange!

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