Wait For It…Wait For It

yarnDo you ever feel like you’re so close to understanding something but yet it’s still just a tiny little milli-inch out of your comprehension? (Like maybe understanding what in the world I’m trying to say here?:)) You know, like that dream you had last night? It’s swirling around in your thoughts but when you try to recall the full dream..poof, it’s completely gone. You see, I feel this way about knitting and crochet. I should be a pro. Especially with crochet, I’ve been doing that forever. And with knitting, I say to my group friends, “I can’t knit.. however, I can cast on, knit and purl, and cast off…” And they say, “Well, you can knit then.. that’s all you really need to know.” Symbols like dc, tog, yo, and so forth, these are all familiar to me. But yet, when I attempt to work from a pattern there’s always a little something in the wording that throws me off, there’s a little too much yarn in a section, or I mess up my counting and the project turns out a mess. The comprehension of the full is barely out of reach.. just barely. If I could just have that one lightbulb moment, that little Ah-Ha, I know it would all fall into place… I’m waiting on it..it’s close, I just know it.



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2 responses to “Wait For It…Wait For It

  1. steph

    I LOVE the vintage neck thing. I would buy one…hint. lol! Your ice cream came out nicely too. I have your uneven eyebrow photo up as my new screen saver! You are one of a kind girl…love, Steph

  2. They’re cute, right? Aaron wanted to know what in the world I had around my neck.. needless to say, he thinks it’s hideous. What does he know..he wears camo. YOU should make one… they’re are easy-peasy and only take a couple of hours. You could do this!!!! I can show you!!!! Crafting is fun!!!! Are you game?

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