This Time In White

2 stitch in white

Another 2 stitch crochet blanket.. This one took awhile.. poor thing had to be ripped out twice due to lack of focus. Again, this happens to be a baby shower gift (one day I’ll make a big one for myself 🙂 ). I was all set to add scalloped edging (see comments) but then was reminded that it’s for a baby boy. So I kept it soft, thick, and simple, no girlie stuff. Next time though.. I want to add some more stitches and maybe I might add some stripes as well. I’m a little addicted to making these, can ya tell? It’s kind of a brain escape.



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2 responses to “This Time In White

  1. I’ve thought about starting a baby blanket with your instructions…but it’s been so hot here. Too hot to get buried in yarn for sure.

    You do such nice work.


  2. *Oh gosh, I know. All that yarn can get so hot.. even on a cold day. I’m loving crochet at the moment. Actually, that might be my next project. I was kind of holding off because of the promise of sock knitting but with my group only meeting once a week I can see that my socks probably won’t be complete until next year… I’m still waiting on the pattern..hmmm. So, a new blanket for myself might just be what I’m needing. :)*

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