Fun & Games..Hormones & Mood Swings

This is what 3rd grade looks like at my house.

3rd grade copy

and this is what the last party of summer looked like.

party 1
party 2

Goose has been friends with this same group of kids since pre-school.. they’re a great group.. really good kids. The first one arrived at my house for the party at 1:30.. the last one left at about 7:30.. they all played together just bickering or fighting. It’s really quite sad to see them grow up so fast.. Every year I think this. Sometimes I hear them saying things or doing things that make me realize just how quick time is passing. These babies are growing up.. it won’t be long before I’ll turn around and they’ll be teenagers. I can only hope they’ll stay friends throughout the years. Most of the parents are friends as well and we’re all trying hard to keep them on the right track. It’s easy at this age to steer them in one direction or another..but I know in just a few years things will be much tougher. Hormones and mood swings.. they’re right around the corner. God help us all.



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2 responses to “Fun & Games..Hormones & Mood Swings

  1. ugh – let’s not think about the hormones yet…..

  2. *Oh I dread it.. see the sweet little girl in front of the water slide in the brown & pink? She’s in the 4th grade and has already started to develop. All the moms were commenting on it to her mom. I guess when I think back 4th grade was when it all started to happen.. Remember those little films they showed us and books we got? and how they explained the whole swimming pool/menstrual cycle thing? Makes me laugh to think back. 🙂 *

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