Some Things Change..And Some Don’t


As you can see Goose & Zoe have taken full advantage of the “lazy” in Lazy Days of Summer. But it’s just about up.. This was Goose’s last week of freedom.. Monday she’s back to school. Summer flew by. I feel as though it’s the first week instead of the last…And the sad thing is that she does too. When I was her age summer was an eternity and “Back to School” was exciting…Of course school was a breeze back in my day and I didn’t have homework either. crayonsThe times..they are a changin’..

but I’ll admit that I still love shopping for school supplies. I love all the cool stuff they have now-a-days! Everything is so bright with their pretty little prints and swirls.. and there’s a million different types of markers, pens, and crayons too. There’s nothing like a brand new box of crayons, right? & don’t mix them up either..I have to have the rainbow effect..all the reds together..blues together..greens together.. I was never the kid that dumped them all out in their pencil box.. Oh no. Honestly, I didn’t want to use them.. just look at ’em and admire. I’m a little quirky that way.



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2 responses to “Some Things Change..And Some Don’t

  1. precious picture!!! priceless!

  2. *Thank you. Both the kid and the dog are rotten. & both are growing up way too fast. *

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