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Giveaway – Vintage Inspired Scarf


I’m somewhat proud of myself with this one. You see, during last Tuesday’s knitting group I was supposed to be working on socks, but the girl in charge of the patterns forgot them. No big deal, I said. So I started digging around in my craft bag and pulled out a lovely picture of a somewhat similar scarf. I figure why not?? I’ve got nothing but time.. So I set out on this little adventure. Keep in mind, I had no pattern (it’s just as well,  I couldn’t read it anyway 😉 ) but I felt fairly confident in my off-the-cuff crochet skills. And, tada, this is what I came up with. Very Vintage, don’t ya think? It has a cute little flower on the front but it’s hard to see in these pictures.. And the ruffles hide the double chin.. Always a plus!



I think I shall make another to go with my black wool coat.. this time in green..or maybe pink? Pink might add a little more to the vintage feel. Hmm, I do love green though.. what do you think?

yarn pink

yarn green

I tell ya what.. leave a comment to this post with the color choice you think would be best for me.. then tell me a little about your favorite off-the-cuff project. Comment by midnight US EDST on Tuesday, September 1st for a chance to claim my original off-the-cuff blue vintage inspired scarf. I’ll pick a winner by random draw soon thereafter. Good luck!



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Wait For It…Wait For It

yarnDo you ever feel like you’re so close to understanding something but yet it’s still just a tiny little milli-inch out of your comprehension? (Like maybe understanding what in the world I’m trying to say here?:)) You know, like that dream you had last night? It’s swirling around in your thoughts but when you try to recall the full dream..poof, it’s completely gone. You see, I feel this way about knitting and crochet. I should be a pro. Especially with crochet, I’ve been doing that forever. And with knitting, I say to my group friends, “I can’t knit.. however, I can cast on, knit and purl, and cast off…” And they say, “Well, you can knit then.. that’s all you really need to know.” Symbols like dc, tog, yo, and so forth, these are all familiar to me. But yet, when I attempt to work from a pattern there’s always a little something in the wording that throws me off, there’s a little too much yarn in a section, or I mess up my counting and the project turns out a mess. The comprehension of the full is barely out of reach.. just barely. If I could just have that one lightbulb moment, that little Ah-Ha, I know it would all fall into place… I’m waiting on’s close, I just know it.


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I Need To Practice

Bunny Hill's BOM #8
What I learned from Bunny Hill’s block 8 is that if I don’t constantly work on my applique I tend to forget what I’ve already learn. Sigh.


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What’s Next?

new day

It’s a new day and finally all those projects I had going on are now complete. It feels good to allow myself the pleasure of thinking of something NEW to create. Of course I still have the BOM that I’m participating in and my knitting group is about to start socks for fall (I’m siked) but there’s time for another small project as well. I’m not sure what it should be…

Perhaps a new bag. I really need one. I hate the one I’m carrying now.. it’s one of those fancy smancy designer bags (a gift) and honestly, I can’t find a thing in it.

Or maybe I should make a few of those covered crates I so desperately want for my dining room?

Start work on this year’s Christmas Ornaments with this pattern?

Whip up a last minute summer skirt?

The possibilities, they’re endless…
Maybe I should just enjoy “thinking” about it for awhile?


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This Time In White

2 stitch in white

Another 2 stitch crochet blanket.. This one took awhile.. poor thing had to be ripped out twice due to lack of focus. Again, this happens to be a baby shower gift (one day I’ll make a big one for myself 🙂 ). I was all set to add scalloped edging (see comments) but then was reminded that it’s for a baby boy. So I kept it soft, thick, and simple, no girlie stuff. Next time though.. I want to add some more stitches and maybe I might add some stripes as well. I’m a little addicted to making these, can ya tell? It’s kind of a brain escape.


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Sneaking Those Veggies In

I’ve mentioned a time or two that I don’t much like vegetables.. In fact, I’ve come to discover through the years that I’m actually a very picky eater. Vegetables fall at the bottom of my food “like” list. There are a few veggies that I can gag down such as cucumbers, green beans, fried okra (I know, fried?, but that’s the only way I can eat it), Shoe peg corn, and maybe carrots if you dip ’em in dressing or cook them with brown sugar. Not a very impressive list, I know. Most moms have to sneak vegetables in their kids diets.. in my case, I have to sneak them into my own. One recipe that allows me to do is the recipe that I call Baked Corn… Goose, however, calls it Corn Cobbler. It’s sweet and therefore you don’t notice that it’s full of corn… and that my friend is right up my alley!

See all that corn?
baked corn

Don’t worry moms, the sweetness of the corn muffin mix totally covers up the corn taste..your kids will eat this!

Baked Corn
1 can whole kernel corn
1 can cream-styled corn
1/2 cup light sour cream
1/2 cup melted butter
2 eggs
1 box Jiffy corn muffin mix

Preheat oven to 350, combine all ingredients in medium mixing bowl and mix well. Pour into sprayed pan, bake for 35 to 40 minutes.

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Fun & Games..Hormones & Mood Swings

This is what 3rd grade looks like at my house.

3rd grade copy

and this is what the last party of summer looked like.

party 1
party 2

Goose has been friends with this same group of kids since pre-school.. they’re a great group.. really good kids. The first one arrived at my house for the party at 1:30.. the last one left at about 7:30.. they all played together just bickering or fighting. It’s really quite sad to see them grow up so fast.. Every year I think this. Sometimes I hear them saying things or doing things that make me realize just how quick time is passing. These babies are growing up.. it won’t be long before I’ll turn around and they’ll be teenagers. I can only hope they’ll stay friends throughout the years. Most of the parents are friends as well and we’re all trying hard to keep them on the right track. It’s easy at this age to steer them in one direction or another..but I know in just a few years things will be much tougher. Hormones and mood swings.. they’re right around the corner. God help us all.


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