July BOM

Bunny Hill BOM #7

Block #7 is finally complete and it’s a good thing because it won’t be long before #8 is out. I guess you could say that I put this one off a bit. You see, I knew it was coming. Actually, I knew about it way back in Jan. when I was struggling with those stars. If you stopped to think about it for two seconds you probably knew it was coming too… July..the 4th..stars..points.. You could see it, right? I have to say, I’m no good with points.. Look, especially with my “U” star, they’re a little crazy. And the red one took my two tries before I was happy with it…After much struggling with them all I think they turned out okay, not great, but okay. But that little lamb? I love him!! I would definitely welcome a couple more just like him. He’s a cutie.



Filed under quilting, Sewing

2 responses to “July BOM

  1. How cute! That sheep is just precious.

  2. *I’m having a blast making bunny Hill’s free BOM.. Applique is new to me and I’ve yet to master it.. but I keep going. That cute little sheep is definitely my favorite part of the whole block…he had no points 🙂 & that’s a plus in my book*.

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