The Tale of Poor Kitty

POOR KITTYLast week the lonely cry of a kitty began interrupting the evening porch-sitters in my mom’s neighborhood.. No one saw poor kitty but everyone knew exactly where he was hiding.. the wooded lot across the road. Who’s cat is it, I asked? Meme (my mom) relied, “I don’t know..but I’m allergic so don’t call it over here.” A poor kitty can only hide so long without food or water before showing his face. I’ve always heard to never feed an animal that you don’t want becoming a permanent part of your family. So, poor kitty didn’t get any food from us… that is until he was in a fight with one of the neighbor’s tom-cats, even that pulled at Meme’s heart strings. She allowed it a bit to eat and drink..but not much. All day poor kitty cried and cried.. “Please come be with me.” A certain little girl fell in love…A certain Meme did not. That evening I was informed that if I didn’t take poor kitty home with me the animal shelter would be called. We all know what happens when the animal shelter is called.. :0 So poor kitty came home with us. He’s a good kitty.. he has claws but rarely ever uses them, runs to you when you enter a room, knows his inside bathroom manners, never cries unless he’s hungry.. basically, Poor Kitty is no trouble at all.. but there is one certain dog that already has rights to Poor Kitty’s temporary new home..and he is not liking this new arrangement. So, Poor Kitty is being forced to hang out in a certain little girl’s room while we attempt to find his real family. Poor Kitty. Poor, Poor Kitty.


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