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Two Stitch Crochet Blanket Pattern

2 STITCH BLNKTIf you want to learn to crochet, or are very limited in your crochet skills, such as myself, then this blanket is a great starting point. Two stitches are all you need to know…the chain stitch (abbrev. “ch”) and the single crochet (“sc”). With a simple variation of the single crochet you can achieve lovely little ridges that will give your blanket depth and make you look (to the non-crocheter ;)) like you’re a pro. In the very simplest of explanations, this is how you make it.

I used an “I” size hook & approx 935 yards of acrylic medium (worsted).. in other words, the stuff you can find at Wal-Mart.

If you understand gauge, this blanket is 22 stitches + 28 rows sc = 4″…. if you don’t understand gauge, just make your chain as long as you want you blanket wide.. and keep adding rows to your sc to make it as long as you like.

The two stitches you need to know are: chain stitch (“ch”) and single crochet (“sc”)

If you don’t know how to achieve a chain stitch and a single crochet check out Nexstitch for videos.. she’s a genius!!

The flat sections of the blanket are achieved with single crochet. Like this..

grab both loops

To make the ridges you will still use the “sc” but you will only grab the back loop of each stitch. I believe, but not 100%, that patterns refer to this stitch with a note that looks like such: (“work in bk lps”). Like this..

grab back loop

Before you begin your blanket it’s a good idea to work on a sample piece.. try
15 ch with 1 ch for turning
15 sc repeat 3x &
15 sc – work in bk lps repeat 3x

Don’t be afraid to “wing it”.. if your not happy with the way it turns out, just rip it out and try again.. it’s no big deal.

If you achieve the look then start your blanket :)!

Here’s my very simple, non-genius pattern:

Ch 107

row 1: sc 107 with 1 ch for turning… repeat row 1 six more times (in total you will have 7 rows of sc grabbing both loops)

row 8: sc 107 (working in bk lps) with 1 ch for turning… repeat row 8 four more time (in total you will have 5 rows of sc grabbing back loop)

You should now have your first flat section and your first ridged section…

keep repeating in this fashion 20 more times. In total you will have 144 rows or 12 flat sections and 12 ridged sections… do not fasten off. – This is the blanket.

For the border around the blanket

Round 1: ch 1, sc 107 (this is across the top), sc 1 in same corner st (this is just one extra stitch in your last sc for turning), sc 144 (down the side), sc 1 in same corner st (again, for turning), sc 107 (across the bottom), sc 1 in same corner st (for turning), sc 144 (up the other side) – repeat all 1 more time. Fasten off.



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