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School Politics

I worry way too much about Goose and her school work. Here it is, summer, and I’m obsessing over which teacher she’ll have next year. Let’s just say that her last teacher was not exactly the best. We had a few issues..like Goose starting out the school year ranking in the 97 percentile in reading and ending the year in the 50 percentile.  Hmmm, not really much of an improvement, kinda crappy I would say.  Anyway, back to where I was going with this post.. there’s a circle of parents in Goose’s grade that are very much involved. Very Much! This is good to an extent but there are a few who know too much.. like which kids are Special Ed, where the reading test can be found online (& I’m talking exact reading test that is given to the kids), even the BONUS word that will be given on the spelling test. I don’t agree with this. To me, it’s cheating. Yes, I run with this crowd of parents but no, I don’t hand my kid the test and say learn it. I mean, how much is she really learning from that? So, I’ve been told by someone in the school system (see, I told you I run in that circle) which teacher Goose will have next year.. word on the street is she’s the best in that grade. At first I was all happy and hoping for a great year.. but then, I was told that our new principal takes requests on which teacher you want for your kid. Well, I’m thinking the school should know which kid will perform best under which teacher.. but obviously not. And what about those poor kids whose parents don’t care. Where are they going to be when Middle School comes a knocking? So, now I’m worried.. will Goose be moved to another teacher to make room for the kids who’s parents do request? Should I go ahead and request to insure she stays where she’s at even though I disagree with this type of placement? Or should I just let it ride, hope for the best and go with it?



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