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Finally, A Boy!

My friend Tabitha has more patience in her left little toe than I have in my entire body. She has 4 girls, ages 9,8,7, and 5 and she just found out she’s having her first boy in September. Wow! Five kids, holy crap. And she let me in on a little secret.. she’d like to have one more. Can you imagine? I bet Christmas is a blast at her house!

A few of the ladies from church have decided to give her a shower in honor of the first boy. I’ve been working on a crochet blanket for the occasion and have finally finished it…
2 stitch crochet blanket

close upThis blanket is so simple to make.. I call it the Two Stitch Crochet Blanket.. though really it’s mostly only one stitch… but you gotta make the chain stitch to start it… the rest is all single crochet. Perfect for beginners like myself. I just love the little ridges.


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