Gardening..Redneck Style

tomatoesLook what Aaron has done. Fishing poles for tomato stakes? Hmm, resourceful… Or redneck??.. there’s a fine line. It was his idea to have the little garden this year.. Goose and I weren’t interested this go-round. Last year we had so many tomatoes they were falling off the plants.. and because of that we now have tomato plants sprouting up everywhere from their reseeding. But.. Aaron wanted to do it, so before I realized the plants would reseed, I went to the garden center and bought them and then planted them… I even staked two plants with left-over cages..(the rest I used for my flowers. My coneflowers are taller than Goose.) But that’s been the extent of it. These tomatoes aren’t getting any water or weeding from me. I think tomato plants stink, don’t you? The smell gets on you and lingers. Blah. But you can tell by the pic they’re hanging in there.. Aaron pulled out 14 reseeded plants just the other day so there would be more room..and luckily we’ve had plenty of rain this summer. To my surprise, I guess we’ll have fresh tomatoes after all. “Redneck Tomatoes.”


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  1. Vicky

    How funny. I’d like to take ALL my husband’s fishing poles and do this with them.

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