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I’m a Winner!

commonsenseI’ll be honest, I don’t enter giveaways unless I truly want the item their giving away. To me it would be a shame to win something then never use it. With the increasing number of giveaways in blogland and the massive amounts of people that enter them, I have to say I never win a thing. Boo. So you can image my surprise when I actually won Judy’s giveaway at ApronStrings. Now, It’s non-crafty related but still just as important. I won Glenn Beck’s Common Sense. No, I’m not some crazed, flag burning, wide-eyed, political extremist.. but yes, I am very disheartened by some of the decisions that are currently being made by the U.S. Government and I feel that I can expand my thoughts by reading this book. Maybe I’ll agree with Mr. Beck or maybe I won’t; either way, it’s good to think. I know that America is changing.. and more and more I feel that we’re changing for the worse. I have several issues that I won’t get into.. But I will say that I don’t believe you can throw massive amounts of money at problems and make them go away.. especially when the money isn’t even worth anything. We are only strapping these problems and more to our children’s backs and leaving it to them to worry about. I love my child, and my Country, more than that. And, equally disturbing, America’s decisions effect the rest of the world… Why should others suffer from our poor decisions? Things need to change.. and I’m not necessarily referring to the President. We are in need of major house cleaning. MAJOR. Hard-working Americans who know more than “Capital Hill” and who understand sacrifice for the-good-of-the-whole are very much in need. – Okay, that’s all from my soapbox for today :)….

So, I’m a winner! I’ll read this book and I will pass it on as promised. Thanks Judy for your terrific giveaway!


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