Too Many Irons In the Fire

I had some great plans for my vacation drive. I was going to finish up a Tiramisu Baby Blanket, begin a second baby blanket, and finish another ice cream block. I had the time, in total I think we were on the road for 12 or 13 hours.. but it didn’t happen. I ran out of cream yarn for the first blanket. You see, in my rush to pack I grabbed the white yarn by mistake. Not a smooth crafty move. creamblk

So, the blanket now lays in the yarn basket waiting for my inspiration to return. The ice cream block was almost completed, it just needs a cherry sewn on but.. we arrived at our destination before I could get it done. ice cream block 4 unfinished

So, it’s all folded up in a ziplock..waiting.

As for the second blanket? Well, I started that on the way home. blueblk

It’s coming along but still a good ways from being complete. Oh, and my Lantern Bloom quilt? lgquilt 2

I choose to hand applique the limb on so that’s taking some time too. I believe I have too many projects going. And to make matters worse… the 5th has come and gone.. that means I now have Bunny Hill’s July block to work on.

So, it’s come to this… Today I vow not to begin any new projects until ALL of the above are complete. You have my word.


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